Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island: A Coalition To Improve Life in RI

Let’s create a movement instead of marketing.


BCBSRI was looking for a new way to improve the health of RI’s most vulnerable. As the leading insurer they understand social determinants — affordable housing, access to transportation, etc. — are keys to advancing health equity.


Social determinants aren’t something you tackle on your own — you need a coalition. We recommended creating a new state-wide data benchmark, the RI Life Index, in partnership with state, community and business leaders to build consensus and action.


The yearly index now measures the health and well being of RI’s most vulnerable populations, providing metrics to measure success and discern areas of collaboration. It also directs and focuses many of BCBSRI’s community and philanthropic efforts.

The RI Life Index was the result of working with BCBSRI’s senior management to uncover new ways to reinforce their commitment to community. We wanted to create a movement, not “marketing” — something that could build over time. Cotrupi & Co. conceived and named this initiative, and BCBSRI’s crack internal teams brought it to life.

A brand identity and web site were created to give the public access to data collected in the annual surveys.

The coalition — led by BCBSRI and Brown University — included  government, business and community partners.

Key social determinants are measured, providing benchmarks to assess progress and jointly determine a course of action. After 4+ years the Index continues to play an important role in helping the state rally around these issues and positions BCBSRI as the community leader they are.