Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI: Emerging From The Pandemic

Accelerating your brand (and community) from the worst time in a long time.


As the state of Rhode Island emerged from two years of lockdown it was time for BCBSRI to emerge as well. Senior management and employees were excited to re-connect with the market and accelerate out of the pandemic.


Research showed Rhode Islander’s optimistic, resilient and determined to get their lives back. We decided to connect with their uniquely RI sense of character and community, to show them “rising” in their own ways to embrace the new day.


The campaign included digital, social, radio, TV and outdoor — capturing people enjoying their renewed lives and each other. The creative enveloped the state from all media angles, and the net result was a feeling of exuberance and optimism, Rhode Island Rising.

The TV started with a fast paced anthem and moved to slower vignettes, each designed to capture locations, moments and stories everyone could relate to. They featured an inclusive, eclectic cast of characters that made it clear we’re excited about the future for all Rhode Islanders.

The outdoor was visually driven, consisting of billboards, bus posters and transit shelters in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Multi-cultural experts helped us hit concept, copy and visual notes just right.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter were used to share stories of Rhode Island organizations “rising” and invited others to join them. Recess Rocks, a program to help kids get playground time, and Habitat for Humanity were featured and promoted — along with others to raise their visibility.

The campaign theme “Rhode Island Rising” captured the moment and affirmed BCBSRI’s standing as a community and business leader, increasing both brand preference and membership. The creative is being extended into year 2, amortizing production costs and making this a strong marketing investment.

Creative Partners: Amy Flanagan, Nancy Carle
Creative Consultants: Juan Mandelbaum, Rene Payne
Producer: Zeke Bowman