Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI Medicare: Loyalty By Way Of Retail

A :30 brand TV commercial supplements the direct response machine.


A 5-star CMS designation allowed BCBSRI to advertise outside open enrollment and they wanted a brand message to supplement their extensive Medicare direct response. United Healthcare was trying hard to chip away at BCBSRI’s market share and customer loyalty.


United may be able to outspend BCBSRI but they can’t out-local them. Seniors will use digital tools and far-away call centers for some relationships, but when it comes to their health they value a personal touch. Medicare is a complicated, yearly decision and Rhode Islander’s want somebody they can look in the eye.


In RI only one health plan has “Blue Stores” where seniors can ask questions, take a cooking class or speak with a nurse case manager. Store visits engender greater customer loyalty, which is why we featured it in this :30 spot and increased store traffic by over 50%.

Creative Partners: George Koukkos, Nancy Carle
Producer: Maria Sheehan