Boston Children’s: Expanding Awareness Beyond Boston

With a new consumer campaign and fundraising initiative — a brand takes flight.


A New England institution, Boston Children’s wanted to expand awareness in select markets nationwide. First, by reaching parents with sick children unsure where to get help, and later philanthropists interested in funding research.


Parents with kids suffering from rare/complex conditions are searching for answers on the internet. We decided to meet them there — in those moments —  with an all-digital campaign that positioned Boston Children’s as the global authority and connect them to help.


The creative needed to be simple, believable, and true — sensitive to the moments these parents are in. Underlying that is the rational truth when it comes to the toughest questions in pediatric medicine, for over 140 years nobody has cured more kids than Boston Children’s.

The digital video ads were low budget but high EQ, capturing moments in time parents can relate to. They were the first to use our new positioning/theme line “Where the world comes for answers” and the powerful promise: Answers, Treatment, Hope… Boston Children’s.

Digital banner ads extended the messaging and reinforced the idea that parents facing extremely rare and complex illnesses are not alone.

With the consumer campaign in flight we then expanded the program to reach philanthropists nationally to encourage funding for research. This reached specific individuals based on zip code, net worth and research interests.

This national outreach is a first for Boston Childrens and continues to promote the institution as a global destination for kids, parents, and philanthropists. Currently we are augmenting it with significant “editorial content” initiatives with two of the largest news organizations in the country.

Creative Partners: Jonathon Plazonja, Larry Bowdish, Carissa Mak
Accout Mgt.: Kim Flynn