Boston Children’s: Repositioning A New England Institution

A local gem stakes a bold stand for pediatric excellence.


Revered in New England, Boston Children’s wanted to broaden its position to communicate a growing global stature. They needed a big idea that could be used as a foundation across all audiences as well as national fundraising.


Parents and referring physicians are looking for answers. As the #1 pediatric hospital in the country, Boston Children’s has more clinical and research depth than any pediatric hospital in the world. We decided to make a bold case for institutional excellence.


Our position had to communicate global authority yet ring true locally. We crafted a new theme line — Where the world comes for answers, a new brand identity, and an enterprise messaging toolkit to ensure it was consistently rolled out regardless who was doing the marketing.

Boston Children’s is a large organization with marketing coming from many areas. With this new positioning we needed to communicate the importance of speaking with One Brand/One voice.

A new theme line, look and feel was established, with tight brand identity guidelines to ensure consistency and adoption.

Driving consistent messaging across large organizations can be difficult. To help, we created a Messaging Toolkit to share with individual departments to show how the new position could be reinforced depending on audience. It was designed to be both instructional and collaborative.

This was a big job requiring deep immersion with the client’s internal teams to get it right. In the end we had a strong brand platform, and together began the process of driving adoption through the organization and launching externally.

Creative Partners: Jonathon Plazonja/Larry Bowdish
Account Mgt: Kim Flynn