MAU Workforce Solutions: A Staffing Company Benefits From Specialization

Crafting a new brand narrative shows marketing the way.


MAU is a global staffing company based in Augusta, GA specializing in helping employers find talent and outsource key functions. Although they serve many verticals, their bread and butter is the manufacturing clients moving south to open new plants.


MAU was reluctant to position itself exclusively in manufacturing lest it undermine a growing “professional/tech” part of the business. We suggested creating two divisions and bifurcating marketing to speak more clearly to each. We also suggested they lean in to the “made in America” part of their value proposition to take advantage of growing national excitement about bringing jobs back from overseas.


External customer interviews and a competitive scan confirmed that positioning around two core competencies — “manufacturing” and “professional” could open the door to much more effective audience-based messaging. In truth, nobody was specializing in the manufacturing vertical like MAU, which created opportunity.

We started by creating new logo lockups that clearly delineated the lines of business.

Next, to show a more focussed positioning we crafted a new brand narrative with add-on communication prototypes. Not to produce “real” ads, but to draft the client’s story to show what future marketing could look, feel and sound like. This can be extremely helpful to advance new thinking — we make something look real, before it is, to show proof of concept.

Our positioning exercise helped MAU rethink how they were communicating with different market segments and to consider a more tailored approach moving forward.

Creative Partner: Nancy Carle