Restore St. Leonard’s: Pro Bono For Papa Antonio

We get an offer we can’t refuse.


St. Leonard’s Church in Boston’s historic North End was in need of major renovations. Father Antonio Nardoianni had a dated mailing list, a small army of committed volunteers and “this guy named Tony” who knew something about marketing.


The church is a neighborhood icon but in the past 40 years many parishioners had moved away. We knew if we created a fundraising machine and rekindled their warm memories and deep nostalgia — of baptisms, weddings, festivals, etc., many would be inspired to help us.


We leaned into this beautiful shared history, creating a web site, direct mail, social media and signage. Subcommittees were given clear outreach responsibilities. And with Father Antonio as our surprise “closer” we raised over $3.2 million and completed the restoration debt free.

Creative Partner: Melissa Smith