The Alliance: A Consultative Approach to Self Funding

A complete marketing makeover starts with positioning.


The Alliance helps businesses in Wisconsin “self-fund” health insurance, which saves money but creates new pressures for the people administering it — typically HR professionals with other things they’d rather be doing.


It’s ironic but when you choose to “self-fund” you can’t do it alone — you need expert partners. We decided to position The Alliance as that strategic, consultative partner, backing it up with marketing that demonstrated the unique value they bring clients.


A new theme line positioned The Alliance as the intelligent choice, and a fresh new marketing platform piqued curiosity. Last, we provided tight design templates and an image library so the client could do future work internally.

In our assessment phase we gleaned fresh perspectives on the client’s product offering and market realities. The result was an iterative, collaborative exercise with senior management to uncover and refine a more focussed Value Proposition.

We positioned the company exclusively around their sophisticated provider networks, and created a new tagline “Self-Funding Smart” as shorthand for the new positioning. Their story became focussed and tight.

New language, tone and content began to position The Alliance as a strategic ally, as opposed to simply another vendor.

We found examples of “smart” services/products and customer stories, introducing them crisply and with authority.

Finally we provided design templates and an image library so The Alliance could consistently build their new brand with internal resources. This look/feel was intentionally developed for ease of implementation using the client’s current design resources and budget.

Creative Partner: Nancy Carle