The most difficult challenge in marketing is deciding what not to do.

In an era of noise it can be difficult to discern strategic direction. Cotrupi & Co. provides the collaborative process and critical thinking you need to reexamine your marketing status quo – aligning objectives, positioning, strategy, budget and personnel for maximum effect.

We bring clarity to complexity. So you can focus on growth.


An objective assessment of current strategies and execution. Can include positioning, planning, creative, media, partner/agency, internal teams, ROI, competitive, etc., with the goal being to maximize current resources or suggest new approaches.

Strategic Planning

We synthesize our findings to discern the best course of action to achieve your objectives i.e. get noticed in a crowded market, generate higher value sales/meetings, or build greater preference and loyalty. The art of sacrifice, this typically requires healthy dialog and hard choices.

Strategic Oversight

The successful execution of your plan requires staying on strategy, brand and budget. We’ll source and lead a small band of expert senior specialists, developing and integrating creative, media, production, etc. for greater impact. A good strategy is a job half done and we’ll help you finish it.